So, You Want To Work For The CIA?

They are glorified in movies, these agents. Their survival skills are deemed out-of-this world, their intelligence, superhuman. Perhaps it’s just Hollywood-they do have a penchant for making everything bigger and better than it really is. Or perhaps it’s all in the training- Hollywood writers, directors and producers alike must base their stories on something real and tangible, after all. Perhaps you’d really like to find out.

Your curiosity has peaked at just the right time because the Central Intelligence Agency is hiring. But do you have what it takes to work undercover?

Being a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent, or more technically known under the description “National Clandestine Service Officer,” is a job that tests the deepest reserves of your intelligence and personal commitment to gathering information at international levels on military, political and other issues. Clandestine Service positions are typically for those with strong academic and professional backgrounds, good writing skills, problem-solving abilities, high-developed interpersonal skills, ability to learn new languages and adapt to various cultures. There are basically four Clandestine Service Positions: Operations Officer, Collection Management Officer, Language Officer and Specialized Skills Officer, with each one requiring certain skills and abilities. 오피

Operations Officers spend much of their time overseas as they are in the frontlines of gathering human intelligence from international sources. Successful Operations Officers have high tolerance for stress, are able to effectively deal with unstructured situations, are intuitive and have a great deal of “street sense.” Collection Management Officers need to have a clear understanding of international issues and how overseas clandestine operations are conducted since it is their job to manage, collect, evaluate and disseminate intelligence information to US policymakers, Operations Officers and the analysts of the Intelligence Community. Language Officers possesses advanced foreign language skills and expertise to provide not only translation and language-support services to Clandestine Service operations, but more importantly in-depth cultural insight to support intelligence acquisitions all over the world. Specialized Skills Officers work in very dangerous environments, and thus a military background (special operations and combat arms), previous foreign travel and foreign language proficiency are preferred for this position.

Although there are internal awards and promotions within the CIA, prospective applicants cannot expect external rewards or recognition due to the very nature of the job. However, pay is competitive and housing and overseas allowance and schooling benefits for children are given to officers when serving abroad. Perhaps the most appealing part of the job for those who are born to be CIA Clandestine Service Officers is the knowledge of being able to make an impact in national security through the information that they have collected.

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