Reptile Tub Zoologist Approved – Herpetologist Dream

There are a wide range of reptiles from turtles to lizards all having different needs. Owning a reptile can be met with numerous challenges, the biggest being cleaning the reptile enclosure.

Typically in desperation we purchase a simple reptile tub that looks like a piece of Tupperware, or a rectangular clear plastic box. Though utilitarian it lacks the aesthetic appeal that most are looking for.

Let’s be realistic, when we have an aquarium setting we want it to look like a jungle, not a plastic strewn landscape reminiscent of a robot droid junk planet. We want a green planet, not algae stained plastic planet.

The reptile tub is the answer. The tubs or pools are designed to complement your aquarium setting, not detract.

First and foremost they are designed to keep your pet area clean, but on top of that they have outstanding utilitarian needs as well.

– They act as a pool

– They act as a nesting area

– They act as an island (when flipped over)

– Some can even be flipped over and act as a waterfall Leopard gecko pet

Most are made of durable, UV light resistant plastic that can handle the toughest of environments. Some are made of other types of materials such as fiberglass or epoxy mixes.

You can also purchase them in a variety of colors. And if you so choose, you can send some manufacturers color chips and they can color match it for you. Typically however, the standard color is black. Some offer other colors such as speckled limestone or grey granite as standard as well, though.

The bottom line is that cleaning a reptile enclosure can be a chore.

It is a shame that some reptile owners give up on the reptile because of the amount of work involved in cleaning a cage or enclosure.

Typically several hours are needed for a thorough cleaning, and it can be quite involved. Removing the pet (and placing it in a safe place is one of the biggest concerns).

A large tub for example requires a total water change and involves removing the reptile entirely from the enclosure.

The benefit of using a reptile tub or reptile pool is that the pool can be removed and the pet retained in the cage or reptile enclosure while the messy dirty parts are removed for cleaning. Using the tub can provide benefits on several levels, from cut down cleaning times to beautifying your reptile enclosure.

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