Cat Toys – Make Your Pet Happy

Christmas is right around the corner and the family cats would like to remind you not to leave them out this year. While many people think their pets don’t understand Christmas; that’s not true. While they may not understand the nuances of the holiday, cats and dogs do understand the excitement that fills the air around this time of year. While they may not understand the idea behind Santa, they know there is a lot of wrapping paper flying and that everyone around them is getting new things to play with. Scratch and Purr

You may have noticed that the cat has been crawling in the middle of everything going on and pawing at presents a time or two. That’s because he wants to be a part of the family and take part in this family fun event, even if he doesn’t completely understand what it’s all about.
So, make sure to remember this year to include the cat in these activities. It’s not hard. Most cats have a certain type of cat toys they enjoy. You can purchase a few new toys for them to unwrap (with a little help from you).

If you want a really fun toy this year, here are some of the top cat toys on the Kitty Christmas 2007 List:

Da Bird Interactive Toy for Cats – This is a simple, yet very popular, cat toy. Think of a fishing pole with a stretchy piece of string and a feathered lure on the end. This is essentially what this toy is, minus the hooks. While it seems simple enough, it’s amazingly popular with cats. You may even notice when you’re not swinging the toy around your cat is trying to play with it by himself.

Mews Ments 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy and Exerciser – This present is like having a number of cat toys in one. It’s one of the laser pointer key chains you may have seen in the past, but this one has fun designs that a cat will like to chase, including a mouse and butterfly. You can kick back and whirl the laser around the room and watch your cat get quite a workout trying to catch the flashing images. This is one of the cat toys that seem to entertain the whole family as they watch the cat chase the light pattern. Just make sure not to shine the pattern directly in the cat’s eyes.

If you really want to have a good time, you may be able to take a couple good-smelling cat treats and lightly wrap them in paper, letting the cat rip it open. Just watch that your cat is not eating the paper. Some cats will rip the paper, other cats will eat it, If yours is prone to eating, don’t try this.



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